is what we do for beginners. For the very nervous person or young children we do what we term as “a lead”. This can either be done for half an hour or an hour and you will be led in hand at walk along the tracks.
A beginner’s trek is for beginners or people competent only at walk and trot. This will go out across the river and up and round woodland. It is possible to be led on a trek. However, it is normal to do this by yourself. The more you do it the more confident you become!


is for the more skilled who must be able to walk, do rising trot and canter. You will again go across the river in the hack and up round woodland.
Most of our riding is off road using old railway lines, tracks and forest paths. Basically, the more experienced you are the harder we go!!
At certain times of the year we do beach rides and rides in Dalkeith Country Park. These rides are only open to riders who can walk, trot and canter.

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